Me Before You – My Thoughts

So, I got some latest movies from a friend’s laptop, about 22 of them and was planning to see them in quick successions. I did this based on the title and how interesting it sounded. So Jogun, the bae, came... Continue Reading →


Tiwa 3.0

Aje ku lana, Omo ke leni. Or however they say it. A tip e ifa, ifa ti n je. The part where he blamed me for something I didn’t exactly do or cause. The part where he said he needs... Continue Reading →


People are sent into your life for various reasons. You were sent to keep me sane, and happy. Not cross a thousand rives or brave a thousand mountains. Just the simple task of distracting me from my sadness and making... Continue Reading →

Birthday Behaviour

Happy birthday to me. Full stop.


  He loves Vanessa, but Vanessa has a boyfriend, who loves her so much, and can buy her a house in the Bahamas. Vanessa loves her boyfriend, because he will give her the life she ever dreamt. She is not... Continue Reading →


You know how they say you cannot change someone unless they want to? I want to change. Not for me. I’m not there yet, but for the people around me who claim to love me. I want to be better.... Continue Reading →


I started 2015 depressed. I wanted so much in 2014 I didn't get and I entered the new year angry at God. But I was passive also. Being a believer sorta from birth, d sense that I'll be alright never... Continue Reading →

God’s cruel jokes

I have a feeling if I die tomorrow, God will be happy. I don't know why but I just feel that way. I'm kidding, I know why. I hear him calling me, Hephzibah it's like your work on earth is... Continue Reading →

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