I met you broken. I came to you in pain. I was walking away from life, and love. I was going to the land of no return. The land where laughter and pleasure was all dead and forgotten. I felt so sure I’ll be welcome there. You stopped me. You spoke to my soul. You told me I’ll be alright. You told me I’ll do great, here, with you. With love. I listened, somehow, I stayed.

It’s been 58 days since I believed your promise. No I am not fine. I constantly pray to be. No I am not great, but I totally believe in time. I have held on to every single words you said, they have never failed me. I have loved you with every fiber of my being, I simply see forever.

I have never called anyone my rock. I have never known what it felt like to have someone, human, at the center. Bringing me Back when I stray. I have never had someone look my bullshit in the face and make me look too. I have never had someone convince me about my waning self pride. Or challenge my inner greatness to come forth. You have been my IT factor. It may not be glaring for the world to see..they may just notice I cry less and smile more. They may just notice I’m radiant and happy and less physically challenged. But I see the subtle changes. I see the hope in my eyes. I feel the vigor in my steps. I know the distance I have come. To self. And you helped me get there. It might not be anything to you, but to me.. it’s been the best 58 days of my adult hustling life, and I want to say, thank you, my very own customised super hero.