People are sent into your life for various reasons. You were sent to keep me sane, and happy. Not cross a thousand rives or brave a thousand mountains. Just the simple task of distracting me from my sadness and making me believe that for a minute, everything will be alright…You see, everyone has been trying to get me off that high horse of negativity. But what they did not know was, I was meant to be here, for if I was not, I would probably not have met you, or needed you, or come to love you the way I do now. I have sadness, I have deep unending sadness. But I also have you. Your smile, your touch, your love, I have that…And I don’t care for how long, I will hold on to it till destiny says your purpose is done, which may be in a thousand days down the line, or till I fail to draw another breath…This is what I tell myself every time I think of losing you, every time I feel like there might not even be a future here. Every time everyone talks about their happily ever after. This is my happy, and it doesn’t have to be forever. I will deal with the later. For now, come to me, and make me forget, and remember. You are more than enough for me.