I started 2015 depressed. I wanted so much in 2014 I didn’t get and I entered the new year angry at God. But I was passive also. Being a believer sorta from birth, d sense that I’ll be alright never leaves. So I knew I’ll be alright.
But I wasn’t in d way I wanted. I wanted 3 major miracles in terms of my health and I refused to go to a hospital till I was dragged. I was disappointed when what I prayed for didn’t happen. I tapped into his word, his prophesies, I sowed. I was mad again. At God again. I gave up on living by faith and instead believed in works. I was self righteous and arrogant. I mean, those runs girls and unbelievers keep getting it right, keep getting paid. But guess what? Of course he proved me wrong ☺☺. I ended 2015 with mixed feelings.

There were the good times. This blog being one of them. I started my masters, while working, it is frigging tough but I’m halfway through yipee. I lost the dude who I thought was to be the love of my life, I was even dealt another blow on top when I heard he was engaged. But guess what? What isn’t meant for you isn’t meant for you. God saved me from that. I started my business, Hephie Brown fashion accessories. I opened up my heart to people, I made friends, I had meaningful, deep, sincere relationships I never knew I could. I grew. And I grew strong.

I don’t believe in new year resolutions and stuff, I believe in milestones and goals attached to dates, and I will achieve them this year. Hopefully before I give up on everything.

Goodnight people.