I loved him. With all that was in me. He came into my life at a point when I was lost and wandering the woods being taunted by the big bad wolf. He was a ray of sunshine.

It was one of those love stories you envy. We were one of those couples you tap into.LOL. My friends were constantly asking me when we were going to get married. He was imperfect but I didn’t care, I had found my one true love. Our love was intense, deep, everything I ever wanted in a man, in a relationship. Really. It was a match made in heaven as far as I knew. We would take really cute pictures, go to weird places and do dumb stuff..we acted like we were 16 and we were going to stay that way forever. He would proudly show me off to his friends and take me everywhere like his wallet. Our love was forbidden at first. And then it became the seed. It became life. Nigga got me fasting and praying.

But we had to let go. I was broken, more than I had ever been broken, not even by people who had the intention of breaking me could do like he did. I doubted God. I do not miss him, but I miss what we had.. And today I still wonder, will I ever love like that again..That deep, that strong, that good, that pure.