A tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure that involves removing the tonsils. The reasons to have a tonsillectomy are:frequent infections of the tonsils (not simply frequent colds)culture proven Strep infection of the tonsils, snoring/sleep problems related to large tonsilshistory of complication from tonsillitis (abscess)one larger tonsil stones (tonsilloliths) that are painful or recurrent.

I am tired of ignorant people who do not realise that some people just don’t get sore throat, they get it with all sorts of drama, called tonsillitis.. And it always surprises these ignorant people when I end up in a hospital because of a mere “sore throat”. Some of my friends have called me names.. Apparently they think I enjoy being sick and looked after.. Me.. Hephzibah.. Sigh.

So I am seriously considering having it removed. The tonsils. I have spent so much money every time I’m ill.. I’ve spent so much valuable time in the hospital.. I have been stigmatised.. (I choose to use that word) by people who constantly asked me who I kissed or gave a blow job. I can’t  continue this way.

But I can’t have surgery. I hate surgeries. They scare me, not with stories of people who die in the Nigerian hospitals for no reason. I can’t afford private health care, and Jesus knows I will never do public. Asides that, I hate hospitals, I hate drugs. I hate my body being probed by a doctor. Arrrrgggghhh!!

My tonsils are not the only thing health threatening thing I should take out of my body but I just can’t bring myself to just do it. What has been your scariest hospital moment? Mine was in NYSC camp.. I thought I was going to die in the hands of the learner doctors always calling themselves to come and check out my rare and beautiful laarrge tonsils(some even took pictures) , but I did not yippee!