blogpostIf we all are given the chance to meet our one true love without kissing a hundred frogs or “frogresses” wouldn’t that be nice? Even the hardest of hearts will melt to be able to be with that one person that will make us happy and never leave us even in the times of need, which is when love is always tested. It wouldn’t be a test now would it? Cause there’s nothing to be tested. But instead we are subjected to play a game of chess with our hearts… I hate the guess game… is he the one? Is she not the one… we seem to be going on strong..but she’s having feelings for this other guy she would not stop texting… Maybe he will get over her and see that I would always be right here waiting because I’m his soulmate(this one is just delusional). Or maybe I will just dump her sorry ass, who does she think has time to be waiting for her to make up her mind!(badoo)

Sigh.. the cycle never ends. I for one would be glad if the voice just booms… “Ghen Ghen Ghen, He’s the one”. But not all of us are that lucky. Some fast and pray and indeed hear the voice. Some fast and pray and well, they don’t. some see signs. Some don’t. Some just follow their heads. While others follow their hearts. In the olden days when parents chose for us, we don’t get divorced. Nowadays when you can choose for yourself and marry for love or marry with the voice of God, well, marriages have gone to shit. It’s all just complicated, you know this. I’m not the fasting and prayer type, I’m not the father and mother will match-make me type, what’s my type sef, I don’t know. What’s your type, do you know?


But I want to get it right. With my Prince. That’s all I ask for. Because at the end of the day, it is not the money you make that fiscal day, nor the battles you conquer, it is who you sleep beside every night that determines if you smile in your sleep or you die a bit more every night.