She called for help, not a scream, not a cry, just a gentle tug at the heartstrings of the few people she could trust to not stop her. And they did not heed. They avoided the topic like a plague. She tried to use the web but that only strengthened her resolve.suicide 1 Now she lay on the bed in the dingy hotel room called “Victoria Continental” with the bottle of Skyy Vodka and 18 tablets of Anorol in her hands and she almost couldn’t bring herself to do it. Oh not because she was reconsidering suicide, hell no, but Jeez she hated the smell and taste and sight of any kind of medication and she just can’t swallow. She had done all her research. Ibuprofen does not necessarily guarantee your death! Someone took 95 pills and still did not die! Like what the heck!!!

“Pain medicine abuse can slow down or even stop your breathing. Pain medicine abuse can put you in a coma. That’s when nothing can wake you up. Signs of a pain medicine overdose are cold and sweaty skin, confusion, shaking, extreme sleepiness, trouble breathing, and coma. If a person abuses painkillers to the point of becoming comatose, he can suffer severe and life-threatening injury that has nothing directly to do with the respiratory suppression effect of the drugs. A condition called “rhabdomyolysis” can occur. This is a rapid breakdown of muscle tissue that results from a person lying completely immobilized for a number of hours. The compression experienced by the muscles causes the tissue to begin to disintegrate. The chemicals that are produced by this disintegration pour into the bloodstream and cause a chain reaction of damage in other organs. This is a leading cause of kidney failure. If dialysis is not started in time, a person can die. Damage to the heart can also occur, including heart attack.” They say the human body was built to fight death! Last time she took 2 tablets she was paralysed, let’s see how much of it all her body already laced with ibuprofen can take.

At first she was worried that it might not lead to her death, recounting the testimonies of people who survived their suicide attempt. But then it occurred to her, of course there is no emergency unit, no experienced doctor or machine anywhere in the blasted country that can bring her back..even if she gets to the hospital half alive, she will probably die there in hours yipee! She crushed the tablets and poured them into the red plastic cup and poured the vodka on it. She even added ice for extra benefit. She lighted the weed in her hands and smoked them till she could no longer feel her feet. It felt soo good! The tablets have dissolved in the potion. And she drank everything! Bottoms up! It felt extragood. And she slept. Peacefully.

Her messed up body was found by hotel attendants the following morning, along with her suicide notes and her weapon of self destruction. She had laid out her I.D cards, house address and family members phone numbers, her body should just not end up in a stupid mortuary somewhere. The body was taken to the general hospital close by, and her family members were notified of the gruesome death. They cried. And the world went on as usual. She was just another dot on the surface of the earth, another casualty of psychological disease.

suicide 2