So many things you want to hear but you will end up reading. On the pages of a tattered book you may just never find. Or if you get lucky you may decipher from the many lines I spew out almost everyday, but that is when I even get to post them!

So many things I want to do to make you happy but I end up doing them wrong and making you mad or pitiful or even fall out of love with me because I am always excited which makes me clumsy and then end up doing the wrong thing!

So many different ways I could get my thoughts across to you but even sending a simple text fails me and I end up spewing a language called gibberish which ends up confusing you and you believe I mean something else when I just mean to say I love you and want to die in your arms when im old!

So many things I shouldn’t do but I have never felt this way before so I do them thinking they are the right things but because you expect me to know what to do as I have boasted about my expertise in love, you end up calling me stupid somewhere in your subconscious but you’re too well brought up to say it out loud!

I am a shy, clumsy, audacious, outrageous, lousy being who loves you very much and wants to spend the rest of my life doing that, so if you take me as I am, I promise to deliver to you the best 70 years of your life, with fun, lots of LOLs, SMHs, KMTs and ILYs.