He came home drunk for the umpteenth time, he was talking crap. He didn’t give a care in the world. This was his camp, he was the Regimental sergeant major. He made sure to wield that authority, his bottle of JD was his staff of command. He had red lipstick stain on his shoulder and a smudge on his face, he smelt of expensive whore perfume. He came close, and held me in his arms. He placed his lips on mine. He said “I love you”. I shrunk back in unadulterated disgust, he did not notice. I cannot push him off. He is strong, he always has been. It was an attraction before, now it is a weapon I fear. He let go of me and went into the kitchen, he was raving hungry. He wanted noodles, it was 2am. I wasn’t getting out of bed, he made me. He set me on the floor, and he landed his hand on my face. Very hard. “Noodles” he drawled. Noodles he got. With laxatives in them. He slept like a baby till 7 am to rush to the johns. I was in the car, with my load in my trunk. I smiled, and I drove into the sunset.