I remember one time, this time being some two or three months ago, I used to feel so depressed, I didn’t know why or what, I just was never happy. It was a tough period for me as I felt all the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Even now it is still hard to explain how I felt. It was just, dark.

There was nobody that could comfort me. Not that nobody tried, in fact there was a soul that tried hard and to no avail. I wished I was surrounded by more people who could have just understood that a hug would have gone a long way but guess what, nobody even wanted to be around my sad self-pitying grumpy bull-dogish self. I didn’t want them either anyway, pffffft.

But guess what, during this sad and aggressive period, I didn’t even achieve much. You would expect that the anger and dissatisfaction I felt would drive me into getting a cure for cancer. No o, I didn’t even get a cure for my bank account!!

But hey, I’m not saying don’t be sad or depressed, I just want to let you know this lovely day that, it would get you nowhere fast, or slow. Ok maybe you get to know your truest friends but nothing more! Bet Bros, why put your truest friends through your crap that you could have just avoided!

Snap out of it today, especially those worm holes that don’t have a purpose! Snap out! Eat agege bread, drink hunter, go fishing, or go to church..

I snapped out of mine and I don’t even know how. Lol. But now I’m happy, I’m so happy that when the pastor preaches about having problems in your life and how God can solve it and  so on, I just look around me and I tell people inside of me, sweeerrrvvvveee, this sisteh sees beauty!! I ain’t got no worries, God indeed got me, and life is just beautiful! Be undepressed today!