I pick up my pen once more to write about the disturbing pattern of child upbringing in this country. I need your thoughts on this matter… In this world where a 10 year old boy is telling his mum to cover up her cleavage ( it may appear cute to some but it is worrisome that a child that age in this age is already affected by cleavage and brezz and understands the meaning and seduction behind it ) what did I know by 10.. During my time if a boy touches you na belle.. Yes admittedly it was an exaggerated attempt at protecting your child from westernization but it helped in its own way in its own time. Now that times has changed (we all know this), what steps are we going to take to protect our children.. All songs contain explicit content and some are more explicit than the others but almost no song is safe (lets not even talk about olamide and lil kesh). I stopped digesting Nicki Minaj a while ago because her language wasn’t good for my peace of mind. I digest easily and her lyrics isn’t what I want all up in my brain. I adore her talent, but that’s about it. But then I turned to Beyonce whole heartedly and guess what she did? In a female empowerment song, she had to sing “bow down B*****s!!!!”.

Gone are the days when you close your eyes when people were kissing and if they just show a sex scene peren!! It is the end of the movie for you. Yes my parents never let me see Troy while I was under their roof… farfetched shey? Nah not in my house. That is when popcy will send you to go iron his cars. Or mumsi will say you should go mix chin chin dough. He almost did not let us watch TV when he wasn’t there.. And any movie that even had violence in its title, it aff over.. “get rich or die trying” CD was broken and trashed. So was R. Kelly’s CD. Now he let us have fun don’t get me wrong … Just the right kind of fun. Cartoon network wasn’t wack in those days nor was nickelodeon. And there were lots of sane and safe movies. So no, he didn’t let us veer from the right path when it comes to the content of what we were exposed to. The day we stood in front of a neighbour’s door.. we did not even dare to enter o, just to watch “kerewa” video.. My mum beat me till I blistered and pus came out. sigh.

How do you plan on keeping your children on the right path? Well apart from prayers? I know I should be writing about how to snag a man or get him to propose or keep your relationship since child bearing is still far away.. but bollocks! All that love doctor something won’t even work in this age and time. When will you have time to read or think about your future kids upbringing when you are busy chasing “the one” then you start trying to keep the one then you plan your wedding to the one and families may not let you wait for 3 years so you can prove the one is fertile? Before you know it you start having kids and gbam responsibility is in your face.

So lets think about it, let’s talk about it. How do we plan to do our best before we have the right to say we leave the rest to God?