I found out Kaffy the dancer is my birthday mate. But that is not the only thing we share in common. You see we both loooove to dance. It’s in my blood and I can’t help it. Someone said it’s because I’m always happy. Sigh. But while Kaffy baby is skilled at it and making millions, I’m busy dancing shakitiboboshokisekem in the middle of the office and Kaymu blog has siezed the opportunity to get more followers! Omase o.

I fondly remember Ola from secondary school days. She was older and always sported a frown. She said you have to earn your respect from these people or they won’t give it to you. I was the class clown.. Not the major one; one of them. I also always got away with it because I excelled at my studies and my teachers just forgave me, not all of them were fond of me however. She always tried to get me to be serious but I couldn’t get the hang of it! How would I be quite and look gloomy and serious? Who die biko?

Fast forward to University, I was always messing around with everyone even though no one was really my friend. I remember I walked into class one day and one girl called Anuoluwapo started screaming my name. Nobody knew why, but they joined in and about a 50 people were screaming “Hephzibah”. And we all burst out laughing. 2 seconds later, people asked each other why they did that, nobody knew, not even Anuoluwapo. She didn’t expect anyone to join in but they did. I didn’t care.

And here I am tonight, making waves in my office after conceding to a dare to dance in front of the office, right behind the MD’s chair! (please contact me if you hear of any job opening). Just kidding, the lady absolutely adores me! At the end of the day, I realise I can’t change who I am, I can only look face and watch who I mess around with (Dupe told me point blank in Lcu she couldn’t stand my guts or the sight of me, emi fine ghe, I suspect man was involved sha). I’ll also always have a vile tongue! If your shirt is blue, why can’t I point out it’s blueness!! I will always love to dance and I will always love to show off my Yoruba speaking skills when I can (popsy flogged us a lot growing up whenever we speak yoruba, I made it a point to make sure I learnt it well). I’ll always be a rebel and I’ll always speak the truth! I’ll never play politics well, God I hate politics! I’ll never be loved by everyone neither will you!

Life is short and we will all not come out alive. I’m not the biggest extrovert but I’ll say I have fun in life. I do whatever I can and I don’t care about being accepted socially for it. My rebel spirit won’t let me. So who are you? Are you steph or heph? Are you Tolu or Bolu? Are you ken or tricia? Or both? Do you do things because it’s cool or because you want to? Don’t be like me, be you. Make up your mind now before it’s too late. Life is too short to be confused. Who are you?