Churches get bigger and bigger before now, with people coming to the fold simply by watching another person’s life grow and change. But not anymore! The anger you may perceive in this post? Ok let me get right down to the gist.


It was Wednesday service and I was walking up the stairs that led to church, I was wearing one lovely bright yellow shoe all because dress code came with a touch of yellow. And as I walked past this protocol lady, she said “lovely shoes”. She probably didn’t think I was going to turn back to say “thank you” so I caught her snicker with this ugly face. I mean, I just got pissed! But it seems another protocol guy saw I caught her and started paying compliments to my hair. He was witty about it so I soon forgot about her and rushed in as service had started. I was conscious about my shoes all the way through Praise and Worship. They hurt so bad but I couldn’t even sit! Annoying part was I had the worst headache, I was feeling dizzy and I felt like just crumbling but I put up the strongest show till I could sit one hour later.

As if the lady’s show wasn’t enough, I sat down and immediately started crying.. I couldn’t even stand anymore for the transitioning. It wasn’t the headache, it wasn’t the tummy pain or the ulcer, it wasn’t the shivering, it was my tiredness for being sick. I cried to God asking him how long he will take before fixing my rubbish immune system, those communion emblems were not even big enough to fill the tummy so I won’t even have any reason to take them anymore. My shoulders shook and my headache was getting worse. “Go to the hospital” was ringing in my ears cos my temperature was hitting 40, so I stood up with water running down my face, ran out of church and I won’t lie I gave up on choir members and brotherly love at that point! Nobody even said “aunty kilode”. Yea been absent in forever cos it aff tey I don dey sick but I still exercise my divine right to Christian love na! More of the reason I should, I have legit reasons na.

Anyway of course I love the choir, singing in the house of God is my calling but so is expecting less and less from people! I would like to believe there’s still good in everyone. Even those that will see it as wrong for writing this post.

Let’s disregard my experience now and the anger, how many times have people been shunned from the house of God because some church workers or officials behaved in a bad way? Don’t even get me started on these bad attitudes! It’s just sad. We are supposed to be shinning examples, we should be able to open our mouths preach the word of God without looking stupid or people raising their noses in the air. If I wasn’t strong enough I promise you my building experiences will make me give up on church altogether! I even considered a change of church as I rushed into the bathroom to wash my face before heading out. In all fairness however, this security dude I never saw before asked me why I wasn’t staying for service and told me to get well soon.. Say what you may, I think it was just an angel sent to tell me “Pele”. That day, I realised how far “sorry” could go in a person’s life.

Please note this is not a bashing article, it’s not for you who don’t go to church at all o, or those who will come and say “ehen! That lady didn’t share her last rice crispies so I don’t believe in Jesus anymore”. Please share your experiences if you don’t criticise a system it would never really change! *drops pen*