When people open their big mouths to talk crap about stuff they don’t know about or been through, it really pisses me off. I get internally livid. For example the case of abuse. Abuse against women. It’s easy for an unenlightened person to say stuff like “what was she doing in the relationship” “did he use rope to tie her down” “why didn’t she fight back” “why would she love a guy like that” “she’s probably on drugs”. The one I hate the most is  “she likes being beaten”.

Who likes being beaten???? Haba the shame of ignorance though. Well it may look like she likes being beaten but I bring to you the power of knowledge this day and hour that, no, she does not like being beaten. She has been psyched by her abuser that she deserves to be beaten, therefore she has come to the conclusion that if she gets beat, she deserves it and when she judges herself to be wrong by his standards she simply waits for the beating to happen. Or whatever.

I will not be the one to give you the psychological theory between the victim and the abuse or abuser, ok maybe I will but not today, but please I beg you, don’t be so ignorant in life. And this does not just concern abuse, it concerns every aspects of life. Don’t just open your mouth and judge people or their circumstances. If she has had 15 abortions in her short 25 years on earth, yes she’s wrong but it doesn’t give you the right to talk about her like you’re in her head because you are not and you don’t know what she is.

People tend to assume I’m all kinds of person because I like to play the Devils advocate in arguments but then I hate to sit by and just listen to people judge other people. There are lots of “what ifs” between lagos and maiduguri who are you to say Jonathan did not try when you have never been a president and one from bayelsa. Who are you to say Obasanjo held Nigeria well when you don’t know the waka he wakaed for Nigeria? Who are you again?

Ok don’t let me end up sounding pointless trying to make a point. Let me go and read for this exam before people will sat I didn’t pass because I was busy chatting in the middle of the night instead of reading, when in actual fact I’m writing a post and trying to clear my head of the sudden onset of anger that might not allow me read well.