He was strong, she was not. She was a little damaged from all the pain and the troubles she has been through. She has had life ripped out of her and put back again, gruesome tales to tell, each one as shameful as hell. Her demons roared out loud in absolute victory as they drowned out her voice and made her a shell of who she used to be. That did not matter to him. He was strong. He was ready and he was indeed willing. He brandished the sword of truth and love and slayed all the beasts that plauged her dreams. She was made whole by the giving. She didn’t have to reciprocate but it kept coming. As the days went by and the seasons rolled over, she glowed and blossomed and flourished. She owns one of the brightest smiles in the county. And his heart only grew bigger. Because to him, she was beautiful, even with all the scars and dirt and filth, his superman eyes saw through it all, and He loved her all the same.