The types of FFK and Amaechi.. Except they have made it. I guess they are the ones encouraging all these young ones coming up to try even harder. These kind of people don’t know loyalty, these kind of people don’t know love. They only know themselves and their interests. If you are beautiful or handsome, they will be on your side.

If you are a spoilt brat with money, they definitely would be with you a long long time. If you drive one of the coolest cars in their immediate environment, they are attached to you till apocalypse. They would be your friend for so many wrong reasons. The sad part is how they dump you. They don’t know shame. There’s nothing like guilt. They take pictures with you and boast about their “tightness” with  you on social media. They suddenly buy you a gift and they start following you everywhere you go like MTN. Then they find a title for the subjects of the relationship, like “mother and daughter”, “sisters”, “brothers”, “bae” and so many other irrelevant names. They go around with fake accents at times and usually try so hard to live beyond their means so they can fit into the social circle of the “perchee”. They suddenly start visiting your house and think it’s cool to touch your stuff and they suddenly feel at home so speedily. They want to crash over at your house and meet your friends and when they do, they act like they’ve been your own friend like forever! They can help you do your laundry, vacuum your house clean, lay your bed, lay roses on the ground you are about to step on.

You like it at times don’t you, that you can use them? But when you’re not in the mood for them, don’t you want to enter a hole and play dead? It’s like art really when I watch yet another Famzers perform his or her act. But it’s the way they go about it shamelessly that bugs me though! What happened to self pride? What happened to climbing the social ladder rung by rung with your hands and feet rather than perching on somebody else like a fly? Don’t get me wrong, in every friendship or relationship somebody has to make the first move, except Famzers rape your privacy when you show no interest and force you to accept them. They don’t wait around for the other person to like them(they know they are not very likeable anyway).
That’s how in school I almost gave the impression I was a Famzers due to my restless and jovial nature, some people (those one’s have ego issues anyway) started to think I was interested in being their friend by being nice and polite! Because you are who again? Kmt! (LCU students can form! If you breathe the same air in d same area with them you are declared a Famzer).
Let’s get more real, these people have low self esteem and insecurity issues. They can’t help it. Some of them have something they are ashamed of, they therefore can’t afford to not have a friend and they seek comfort in someone who will use them and vice versa; whatever the psychology behind that is. Some have yellow teeth, B. O(body odour), some feel fat and ugly, some are physically awesome but emotionally damaged. Please read self love articles and learn to love yourself and be comfortable with being alone. Only then can you cultivate real friendship.

Whatever their issue is, I wish people would stop encouraging them. Be a less selfish person too and let them go. Look them in the eye and tell them how beautiful they are but how you don’t feel the chemistry. Don’t keep holding on to someone because they like you (even if it was for a selfish reason). I know it’s human nature to be selfish but let’s practice a bit of selflessness each passing day, change starts with you. Change starts May 29 too.