This is something we hear often; “don’t give up”. These things you will see you have already read before.. As a matter of fact, there is no word of encouragement in this life you have never heard of before. Every single line and every single sentence. You know it. But how often do we remind ourselves of these things we hear? How often everyday do we say things like “I won’t give up, I would make it, I would achieve that dream”. I’m not talking of passive thinking, I’m talking about active speaking.
Sometimes when we say these things out loud, we are not only calling them to be as though they were, we are encouraging ourselves and giving ourselves reasons to keep smiling throughout the day in spite of that horrible circumstance.
But most importantly, how often do we say it to other people? As you read this post, think about your day. What was the nicest thing you’ve said all day or the day before that to anyone? I’m not talking of the fake compliments we pay to friends and colleagues about shoes and dresses we don’t really like but we say we do just to make conversation or just to make the person feel good. I’m talking of words of wisdom spoken at random to someone at random moments. Word that will bless the person and make the person feel strong. When God said love your neighbour, there are different levels to this. You don’t have to wait to fall into a trance where God will tell you “GO TO JEMIMA, TELL HER I SAID I HAVE HEARD HER PRAYERS AND I WILL NOT FAIL”  or something.. (caps to emphasise how some of us imagine God speak, with the booming voice and all) If you walk up to your colleague 5 tables from you, or you pass by and just simply say “do you know God loves you and will never forget you” the person would appear stunned for a minute but would hold that statement dear for a long time.
The world economy is too harsh and bitter already we are all stressed out, can’t we at least be nice to each other too? If the world had 85% good people and 15% evil people (those folks have to exist) the world would be a better place? Someone’s rent is due to expire and there’s no hope of payment. That woman that looks so pretty and put together actually has 0.52kobo in her account. That man is going through a patch in his marriage. That lady just found a lump in her breast. That office cleaner is taking care of a mother dying of cancer. Speak a word or two out of love to at least 5 people in a day. You don’t have to linger and you don’t have to be friends with them. Just drop by as a messenger bearing good tidings. And watch as the things you say to people start manifesting in  your life. Karma and payback and all that. Forces of nature are real.