She realised he just wanted a side chick. We all know the function of those. Visit me at home but we never hang out or be seen together in public. That shameful position some strong misguided girls think they can grow out of. Not like he said it right out but she knew the signs and she quickly dodged. She was very hurt tho. And then from hurt she started beating herself up about how such a guy would want to be with such a girl like her. She told herself, no, it wasn’t low self esteem at work here, she just should face the fact. She’s too plain and too ordinary for him. Nigger would rather be with all those yellow girls that wear crop tops everywhere and dress like Kim kardashian or amber rose. Well that wasn’t her and this time she will make sure her next crush was going to be on the same wavelength as her.
Alas! This was not her case. Poor girl just had to go crush on Harris. Now he wasn’t all diabetic to your body but he had swag Oh my. His ego was so tall making his 6ft look like 60. But he didn’t show that annoying side of him at first. His father was a minister to something, he spent 90% of his existence in some foreign country like that then decided to come back to Nigeria. She would expect him to have more sense than the average Nigerian guy. Nope! He couldn’t help being a spoilt brat. He tried her and she wasn’t as easy as he thought she would be, being a simple girl, he didn’t realise she wasn’t about to give out the cookie. You see, she had the uncanny gift of knowing what a guy might want from her from day 1. Sometimes her abilities failed tho. But when she’s in the spirit she can even guess at what point he’s about to make the move, even the day he would bring up the topic or just dive in. What she couldn’t stand were those that would lie because they want to get between your legs! Just tell me what you want when I ask you what you want and this could be a shorter journey for both of us. But well, some men would always be some men.
So Harris started to lie. Pulling tricks out of his hat like a magician. But she was no Alice or Hermoine. She was a Nigerian! The way she butted him out ehn! He now turned around and started haunting her. Come see insults! You would think she stole his heart and smashed it in bits and tiny pieces. But it was just his spoilt brat ego she chipped at.
Of course she took a bit of a break and took solace in the arms of the girls. Life is too short abeg. All these Lagos boys can just stress you out. As if your female boss at work isn’t enough drama.