I  remember this guy I used to know, he was at my first post graduate job. It seemed he was a mission to make the job unbearable for me. This same guy told me one of the reasons I was among those who got d job(of course d main reason was my sterling resume) was my sunny personality. I was all smiles and polite and at ease. But somewhere along the line things went wrong. I think I got the job because he wanted to watch that sun die or something.
Now here are the issues he had with me. First is that I was too young. I know, it doesn’t sound like something that makes sense. But you see, he claimed he is old enough to born me so to him, I’m the last born he left at home. In a day, I get to hear “you this small girl”  about 365 times! I really didn’t mind, what woman wants to be called old anyway?! Then he wouldn’t cease to remind me what year he finished school and all the 500 companies he has worked for, all the links he had in this world(if they were so much, why would he be in this 7-man administrative company with a female MD?). As far as he knew, I haven’t achieved anything in life and I don’t know jack about life. He was the HR and so many other things, in a one-man business, you never really have one job function. I was the customer service, I was the technical maintenance coordinator, I also happen to be the store inventory officer and I sometimes do marketing.
If age and accomplishment issues were not enough, he claimed his babe was hotter than I was.. (“was” because I’m even finer now that I’ve chop small change). I could never measure up to his standard. If his standard was the 2 bit English he spoke, I sure as ice ain’t this uncle’s standard. His relationship was stable and his babe adored him and could lick the ground he walked on. He expected the same from me.
I remember this uncle gave me query one day for putting on slippers during working hours. Note that I did not put that on from my house, neither did I wear it all day at work, no such thing my people. I decided around 4pm to give my feet respite, you know how we girls can’t see our shakara through sometimes. Oga Bros said I dare not! How can I wear slippers! It’s in the company rules and regulations! This was a place that has no dress code whatsoever! All I did was sit at a desk all day filing stuff, or go out to inspect people’s generators, or supply the technicians tools they needed. Please did I not even try that I wore shoes? So he reported me to my line manager and the MD! I  was being rude and disobedient and in life I should always remember that there are people older than me and I should respect them and he wants my salary to be debited! Of course case was dismissed!
Happy-go-lucky that I am, I totally didn’t feel bad or give myself headache about this guy. And I knew I wasn’t going to be there for long, they were those companies that didn’t like paying their staffs.
Do you have someone like this at your place of work, in church, even in your neighbourhood? A family friend, an uncle, aunt, whatever? If you read this long story and you feel sorry for the guy, then I’m not here for you. If you think he’s a sadist and very depressed, you may be right, but this is the last time you should think such about people who lash out in hatred or “beef” towards you. They really don’t mean to. Sometimes years haven’t been kind to them. Sometimes they see in you something that could have been for them and they feel sad. Most of the time you just remind them of something. And sometimes also, they are just plain bitter 21st century Hitlers! So today, I apologise on their behalf. I’m not saying wait around for the downpours from them, I’m not going to tell you what you should do to them. I will say, don’t hate them, don’t try get back at them, don’t argue with them, you may even never win, they will always find a way back. If you can, pray for them. If you can’t, pray God should take them away from around you or vice versa. But just don’t let them rain on your parade. Be happy. Be bright. The world needs a bit of loving, 2 wrongs never make a right.