Reaching for straws is all

I don’t know myself anymore

Good intentions bad decisions

Nothing even seems to feel normal

Confusion, pain, agony, hell

All in a package

Delivered to my doorsteps

By my will I signed for the package

Believing magic and love will change my luck

Alas! I was wrong, as usual

The feeling I feel isn’t mutual

I’m supposed to be met halfway

But I traveled the whole mile


To love

Never hiding my pain and discomfort

My love and affection plastered on my face

Good intentions, bad results

No one to consult

I carried my sacrifice of peace

All by myself, nothing felt amiss

My hope for crossing the bridge

Just you and I

Was worth clinging to

But that you also dashed

Along with every other hope I harbored

And with all the wishes I didn’t whisper

All thrown across the bridge into the water

All  because I traveled all the way to you


I got there,

You weren’t even at the other side.