I have missed you as much as you have missed me. It’s been a crazy few weeks and i haven’t even visited my own blog. When I finally made the decision to start blogging I had no idea it would be like this. At first i did not get the point of blogging, then i got the point, then i did not know how to start, and then I did, and then it took me another few weeks to make up my mind about when to make my first post (yea, I know what you are thinking, I’m such a drag). But then I felt like I was going to hit the ground running. I was so fired up I felt high on my high. All of a sudden, the screen of my phone cracked, I was offline for quiet a while, then work just became crazy, I couldn’t even visit my dear solace. But i thought about writing every single day. It was like it was hunting me. And Nemo would put hephiebrown.wordpress.com on her BBM personal message every single day, hunting me. *sigh*. During this period, there was the Election drama, Word Conference and oh, my friend’s sister got arrested for her husband’s suicide. The news was on some blogs. She still has not been released for the past 3 weeks, she has 2 babies who miss their mum and dad, they do not know what is going on but they are just so lonely. My friend has been in and out of courts they cannot even post bail. I don’t know for certain but i thought you don’t arrest someone based on suspicions. I just hate the Nigerian Police. Everything is just wrong with them. From their belief that blaring the siren is a magical sound that clears the traffic on third mainland bridge or any traffic jammed area, to the way they hunt you for dumb reasons or no reason, it irks me. They see the wrong things but once they know they cannot milk any Naira out of the culprit, they just let it go. And sometimes they really do try their luck. They try so hard. Too hard. It’s just all about the money for them, and when it’s not about the money,it’s about exerting force and brutality. They kill and maim and get away with it. I weep. But i digress. That is a whole write up entirely and i will devote my time to it soon. Anyway, I have missed you guys and I do hope to hear from you. Drop your comments and feel very free to criticize constructively. I do not support cyberbullying. Love ya.