Our Story

You want accessories and you don’t want to enter the sun to go get it. You don’t want to look through rows and rows and rows and ask “how much” multiple times and still walk away with something you’re not really sure about cos there was another option but you can’t tell.


You check on all e-commerce platforms in Nigeria and you see really really pricey stuff because they’ve added “commission”. And they’re not even all that! You can’t track your order and you call the site CS and they tell you to hold on. And those social media pages that go Zap on you? Dear Lord!


Sometimes we have to design our products and then we outsource to the manufacturers. We produce abroad, we design for the Nigerian Market. HephieBrown is a Nigerian based jewellery brand with foreign partners in Switzerland, India and China. We also curate from local designers in Nigeria.



click to see more at : https://hephiebrown.com/our-story/

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2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. This masterpiece got my eyes filled with tears, thinking about my childhood when all was so simple, no worries in any sort of way.. Good work.. 🙂


  2. Amazing when you think of childhood and how long those days, months and years were as a child…now you crave them. Lovely piece!


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