Why can’t a curve be straight?
And wobbles be curves
So then curves can later be straight
And then everything would be spelt out.
Why won’t grey be white?
And black be grey
So that grey can later become white
So everything could be as it should be.
Why must people always be confused?
With nothing ever spelt out for you
Your paths not straight
And your decisions never clear cut
Why won’t people appreciate you?
Or maybe just push you away
That way you know where you stand
And moving on would never be a worry
True, you never know what life brings
But then again you should have an idea
Instead you have your hopes dashed unexpectedly!
Once in a while you get miracles to compensate
All you can do is just accept fate..
Let it all go so it can all come back
Take it all in, and then you can let it out
Swallow life as it comes on your plate.
Because it would never be straight
Or ever white
All you can get is grey
And wobbly curvy straight lines