I love us

I adore what we share

The peacock will never trade

Its lovely feathers

For colorless wings

Just to fly.

Nor would the rainbow

Lose its colors for anything.

The ocean won’t rather be a lake

Nor would I lose you

For gold, silver, fortune or fame.

You are the treasure that I’ve been seeking

I found you and I’m not letting go

Give me 10 reasons why and I would

You have the cutest face

A god was once known to have.

And the cruelest smile

That type that warms my heart.

You have the funniest ways

To make me fall for you.

And the sincerity

I’ve never really seen before

You made me fall for you

In a way I’m never getting up.

And you make me smile always

Even in the darkest of nights.

You hold me nearer to you

Like you don’t want to let go

I’ll hold you dear to me

Cos I’m never having to share you

You treat me with respect

You’re the king and I’m your queen

I love you so much more

I love you with everything

That’s 10 reasons I love you

Five reasons I’ll never let you go.