Should she call him? What if she looks desperate?? She’s not trying to be cheap, she just wants to put herself out there. She buzzes her bestie. Jerry says call him. Just once. Just notice the way he sounds and tell him you want to hang out. She says she doesn’t think she can. Jerry asks her if she wants to be single till 50. NO! Of course not. But it’s hard. But bestie says no one will break down her door to ask her out to lunch or on a date or steal her number and calls her endlessly then chase her to the airport. That only happens in Hollywood. So she dials the number. It rings. He picks. He says hello and then he’s too busy to talk but they should talk sometimes later. It was nice of her to call though. She almost dies!! This is so hard. This singleness of a thing. And they wouldn’t stop talking about how comfortable you should feel being single. She would rather have a boyfriend though. Not because she’s desperate or lonely, she’s just not social enough to be the happy single lady. One person to talk to at night and during the day at times, that’s not too much to ask for. So Jerry says just because he says he’s busy doesn’t mean he doesn’t like her. Does she like him or not? Of course she does. He’s tall fair and handsome. Maybe a bit too much for her peace of mind but you can’t tell your heart who to crush on can you. 3 hours later, The Mr. Ronnie calls back and asks her…..