I remember when I was young and growing up. My father placed so much priority on funny things. Well not funny but then I saw it as silly to be punished for not doing my home work by 5pm instead of 7:30 or watching TV immediately I got back from school.. or yeah, something as funny as standing by the door of a neighbor even if it is to say “Good morning”. If you get caught, you’re soo on your own in this world. And to flog you, he will take you to the living room and lock it and give you your apportioned strokes, no more, no less. Locking the door was to ensure that no one came in to apologize on your behalf, or as mothers like to do at times, stand between you and the pankere and start begging on your behalf. NO NO NO! it will not happen. My dad had ways of even tracking our offenses without sending spies to us…Mehn it was creepy how he found out stuff. He had a 40th sense that man! But look at me today. Somehow that boredom made me creative. The rules made me principled and the strictness prepared me for the harsh labor market and growing up in general.

Isn’t it sad to see children nowadays tell their parents to SHUT UP??? Or their elder ones.. WHATTTT!! You can’t even grumble behind popcy’s back. You have to enter the room, check to see if no one was listening and then rant. And the exposure to so much media contents turning kids to gangsters and mini strippers and mini Kim Ks and so on.. I’m a witness to this.. It’s scary. I’m scared of when I start having kids. Really. Because I wouldn’t know what is fair to the kid or fair for the kid. Try and be different from other parents and your kids would start feeling maltreated and alienating you. Which is worse. *sigh. What do I know? Maybe by some magic wand, times would have changed when I’m about to raise my kids… what do I know?!