We meet

I like you

You like me

We hang out

We talk

We fall.

Without knowing

We keep on at it

We don’t let the hours pass

We communicate

We keep falling

One day

It spills out

You love me

And I say it

I tell you

I love you too

We smile

We’re happy

Our tummies take flips

Next time we see

It’s there in your eyes

It sparkles

Just for me

As mine yours

It’s there

It’s clear

Its unmistakable

For a minute,

It’s unbreakable

The bond

The affection

We can’t hide it

They see

They know

And they let us be

Against all odds.

And Bang!

That witch


Steps in

Ruins it all

We are apart

We no longer care

You meet them

I meet them too


We no longer talk

We no longer meet


It hurts

I love you

You love me

But love has never

Will never

Equate happiness.