Page after page

The words keep coming

The emotions just flow

I never seem to get stuck

I’m always feeling something

I know I feel too hard

And that’s why I hurt so much

But I can’t help it

Something is always in my head

Something is always in my heart

But the black in me isn’t letting me crack

It’s keeping me strong

Leading me on

To that place of greatness I dream of

I may get there through pen and paper

Maybe it’s through blood and sweat

Or scratches and tears

But I will get there

I will keep letting the emotions through

For through being myself

Only will I grow

Only then will I know

The gifts deposited in me

They say some care

I still think most don’t

But I will share it anyway

I will share it with you

My deepest fears and darkest nights

We will talk about mine and yours

And we will be just fine