The thought of you in my head

Makes my pupils dilate as if under the influence

Of some hard dangerous drug

Except my cheeks are flush and full

And my eyes sparkle at the same time

You’re all up in my head like a cliché

You won’t go away, your music won’t fade

You’re what makes my darkness look bright

You’re what makes my bright seem unending

You’re like a break from reality

Except you’re in my life forever and ever

So I guess reality can kiss my foot goodbye

I love you and every bit of you

Even when you make me cry uncontrollably

Even when we fail to understand each other

Even when the darkness and gloom swallows us both

And there’s no one to rescue another

I love you uncontrollably

I love you almost with the love a mother has for her child

For I have come to accept you as my blood and flesh.

Nothing can do us apart

Not even death or the threat of blood or deformities

Were in for it and were not letting go

Thank you for loving me honey,

Thank you for not letting this passion go to waste