This is from the throes of depression. That deep dark place where everything is so loud and the skin is so raw and easy to tear at. This is from the place most of us are but don’t really belong. This is about those that feel everything, it ‘s a gift but it’s actually a curse lived with. There is strength in weakness. There is strength in every tear drop. There is strength in every fake smile and there is strength in every nod of the head acknowledging fake strength. You may feel like no one understands you but in reality no one does. A simple smile from a pretty child brings tears gushing down your face.. How do you explain that? The same old habit of your colleague playfully nudging your sides make you scream or cry or hiss or turn away in anger, how do you come back to say sorry for what you’re not really sorry for? It’s hard to be there. Some never get out alive, some never get out whole, some never get out till death and some never come out with pride. But you and i? We’ll get out with our heads held high. We’ll come out with our smiles so bright. We’ll step out like we won the battle against troy even with our Achilles heels. We’ll sing praises to the creator for his benevolence. We may tell the story or it may always be a private battle and victory. But we will come out alive, sane, with pride, and with grace.