Things have changed, yes, they are not what they seem..

You would actually think I should expect it to after all

But I can’t get used to these changes

They are not what I expect

Not what I like

Not what I want

Today its rosy and beautiful and tomorrow its hell, horrible

If it’s going to be horrible all through please be

And if it’s going to be easy then just be!!!

Stop giving me hope and dashing it

Stop giving me new life and snuffing it out

Stop making me pray and wish and then take it all away

No! It doesn’t make me stronger, it kills me!

I don’t want that

I want constant

I want stable

I want love and all of it

I want peace and no war

Or maybe the opposite

I just want to know what to expect, what to wake up to

I can’t just deal anymore

Do you understand me? Can you hear me?