I’m angry. I’m angry i wasn’t born into a wealthy home. I’m angry i had bad experiences as a child. I’m angry i could not talk about them or heal properly. I’m angry i couldn’t get a proper teenage life because i was discriminated for being who i was and i did not know how to be somebody else. I’m angry i did not have a voice. I am angry for all i had to go through as a young woman and the fact that no one bothered to help or take my side. I’m angry the course i set out for myself was changed due to the harsh circumstances of the country I live. Bu that’s not all I’m angry about. I’m angry about the girls that are being kidnapped every day or every week in the Northern part of the country. I’m angry about every girl and woman out there who are getting hit every day by a guy and they are too emotionally messed up to walk out of it. I’m angry at the misplaced Nigerians who do not have a place to go. I’m angry at the number of homeless people I see on the street. And then there are so many illiterate folks who cannot do anything meaningful with their lives as even vacancies for menial jobs are hard to find and there are too many transport workers and shoemakers and so on but not enough customers. Oh I’m angry at the government. No it’s not about Jonathan or PDP. It’s more like there’s no better option. Like why we gotta have just 2 majority parties anyways.. I’m angry.. But what can I do about all of it. Parting doesn’t help.. Drinking is not my thing. Escapes are only what they are.. Escapes. But reality comes back.. What can I do? What can we all do? Am I the only one who is angry?