Reveries by Heph

The 2017 FND Saga

2017. Was. Dramatic. Cliché right? Oh well. I started 2017 sick. Sick in the head, sick in the mind, and sick in the body.  You see, in December 2016 I had been diagnosed with Functional Neurological disorder. The brain of... Continue Reading →


Because it’s 58.

I met you broken. I came to you in pain. I was walking away from life, and love. I was going to the land of no return. The land where laughter and pleasure was all dead and forgotten. I felt... Continue Reading →

The road to self love

​From Jane the Virgin I learnt about self sabotage. I like saying that I have gone through a lot of BS someone my age shouldn't have. My doctor will say my immature defense mechanism just got tired of trying to... Continue Reading →


Swish Twists Turns Urns Bunch of words Maybe meaningless That drawing board Maybe use it less Because life doesn't  care Twists Turns Spices Salt Jungles Valleys Oceans Gardens Nothing to predict No plans will fall through But you'll always succeed... Continue Reading →


Maybe if I gave you my trust Maybe if I gave you my heart Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad Maybe, just maybe I won’t be so lost   I wish I just could But I really can’t So caught... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side

I think it is super cool. I love to cut myself, in secret places no one knows. On my heart especially because no one would ever see. I love as the pain sears through the soft parts of my skin,... Continue Reading →


I won’t fall in love, I said I won’t like no one, I said. I won’t feel so soft, I claimed. Never again. I vowed. Days along the line, I prayed. For God to be nice. And help me be... Continue Reading →

Pollyanna or Tim Burton

I love to write about death and sad events and mental diseases, so I have been officially tagged a morbid writer. Okay, maybe a depressing or dark writer.. Morbid seems a bit far-fetched. I don’t even know if that is... Continue Reading →

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